Messenger Bag, Wristlet and Notebook

September 8, 2011

For Katelyn’s birthday, we wanted to get her a purse. She’s getting older and wants to start carrying her money to the store with us. She also always has some sort of treasure she needs to carry. Having a notebook to make endless lists, doodle and color during boring trips out was also a must.

I searched for something I knew she would love and couldn’t find it. Everything was either too large, too expensive, too ugly or too juvenile. Nothing worked. So one day I had a stroke of genius and decided to make her the perfect bag and coordinating accessories.

Here’s what I came up with for her.

It’s a mini messenger bag, complete with a button and a ruffle flap.


I put a large pocket on the back.

The inside has two pockets for her treasures.

A coordinating wristlet holds her money and she can just grab it out of her purse and go if she wants. She loves having a place to keep her “credit card” which is really a gift card, but she thinks it’s more fun to pretend it’s a credit card.


The little fabric covered notebook was one of my favorite parts of the gift. She got right to work on a list of stuff she wanted to buy with birthday money.


The best part of all was how happy she is with her new purse and accessories. She was even wearing it with her pajamas the next morning!

Tutorials for everything coming soon!

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