Hair Bow Holder 2.0

January 31, 2013

storage for hair accessories barrettes headbands rubberbands

Here is my new and improved hair accessory storage. When our girls were young, bows and barrettes were pretty much all they had in their hair. I used the tiny rubber bands too, but no big need to store them. Now that they are older, we had different storage needs since they started wearing bigger sized rubber bands and headbands. I still have the same amount of storage space and so I needed to make some adjustments.

I added a Velcro rubber band holder and a strip to slide in headbands.

Go here to for the basics on how to make the hair bow holder and then follow these instructions for the rubber band and headband storage parts.

Headband Storage

To make the headband section, you will need a strip of ribbon. Your measurement will vary depending on how tall your canvas is and how many loops you want to make. Have enough length to wrap around the back side of the canvas and add 4 inches for each loop you want to make. My canvas measures 16 inches and I made 5 loops, so I used 40 inches of ribbon. Seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter.

I just eyeballed where to make the loops because it didn’t matter to me that it was exact. If you like exact, you can measure and evenly space your loops.

Fold your ribbon several inches from the top (if you have a print on one side of the ribbon like I did, be sure to fold with the print side out) and stitch across.

rubbernband hair accessory holder storage

Move down the ribbon and make another loop and stitch again. Continue until you have all loops completed.

hair accessory holder diy headband

Lay the ribbon on the canvas and attach it to the backside of the canvas. You can use a staple gun or fabric glue to secure the ribbon on the back of the canvas. Both options work well.

headband holder


Rubber Band Storage

Take a piece of ribbon about 11 to 12 inches and small piece of Velcro to make the rubber band holder. Seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter so it won’t fray.

Measure approximately 2 inches from one end of the ribbon. This is where you will sew the scratchy piece of Velcro. I put the scratchy half here because the other end will the the piece that you slide the rubber bands over and the softer side won’t snag any accessories or poke any fingers.

velcro hair accessory holder

Stitch the softer side of Velcro close to the other end of the ribbon.

make hair bow holder rubberband


Attach the tail of the ribbon on the back side of the canvas so that the Velcro rests near the top edge.

how to store headbands

Slide the rubber bands on the ribbon and connect the pieces of Velcro.

hair accessories headband rubberband holder

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3 Responses to “Hair Bow Holder 2.0”

  1. Hair Bow Holder Tutorial | said:

    [...] Hair Bow, Headband and Rubber Band Hair Accessory Storage | said: [...]

  2. Cheryl said:

    thank you for this detailed tutorial. just made one for my daughter’s hair stuff and it is fantastic!!! solved a big problem in our bathroom and I can’t wait to show it to her!!
    thanks again for taking the time to post this!!

  3. Dr Sonia S V said:

    Love your tutorial …will be so useful to me. I have a little 7 year old with lots of bows and clips !!

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