Child Hospital Gown Sewing Pattern

November 21, 2014

Did you know you can bring your own gown for a  hospital stay or for outpatient surgery? child hopsital gown pattern

I’ve made several of these gowns for our children and friends. They are always a hit at the hospital! I’ve decided to offer the pattern for free, for a limited time.

Being in the hospital is a scary thing for children. Being able to wear a hospital gown with a favorite character, color or pattern on it helps to ease the fear! Bring a smile to the face of a young child by sewing a one-of-a-kind hospital gown. You know they will love it! Just imagine all the extra attention that will come their way when they wear a special hospital gown. Children having minor surgeries in outpatient settings love having a special gown to wear on the big day!

child hopsital gown pattern 2

The gown design features snaps on the sleeves for the convenience of IV lines. Because the gown ties on the side, it keeps private areas concealed. This also helps ease some of the anxiety of being in the hospital. Coordinate colorful bias tape to add trim and tie the gown closed.

child hospital gown pattern 3

The finished hospital gown measures 27 inches from shoulder to hem and 19.5 inches from side to side. You can easily add additional length, if necessary. Fits children size 3-8.

Includes optional pocket.

Click Here for the PDF Hospital Gown Pattern





I Love You More Than Candy Corn Free Halloween Printable

October 6, 2014

candy corn digital print


It’s that time again. Fall.

Time to break out jackets for that crisp, cool air in the evenings.

Time to roast marshmallows in the backyard fire pit.

Time to eat candy corn!

My family eats candy corn like it’s a never going to be available again. So I thought this sign was fun. I have it available as a free download for you to print and enjoy in your home. You can print from home on computer paper, cardstock or have the image printed on photo paper.

Select the link below to download and print as a pdf file or as a 4×6 photo.

I Love You More Than Candy Corn pdf

I Love You More Than Candy Corn jpg



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Icon Wall Stickers Review

December 9, 2013

Bethany from Icon Wall Stickers contacted me about doing a review on their wall stickers. We finally finished building our house and have many large, blank walls so her email showed up in my inbox at a great time.

I started looking through their large assortment of vinyl wall stickers and was pleased at the selection available. They have wall quotes, trees, animals, hobbies, people, etc. The Icon Wall Sticker website organized nicely and it is easy to search for something that strikes your fancy.

Some of my favorite designs from the website are:

Since it’s almost Christmas, I thought these little wise men were cute.

If you can’t visualize your sticker choice on your wall, you can send the company a photo of your space and they will send you the photo back with your sticker superimposed in the space you want, with the approximate color and size you are considering. That’s a great option before purchasing!

I decided to place an order for a wall quote to put in the girls’ playroom. I wanted something to inspire them while they relax and play. I chose this quote:


Since we chose a neutral wall color, I decided to go a bit bolder with the sticker color. Icon Wall Stickers had 37 colors to choose from for the sticker. Since it sounded nice, I went with ocean blue.


Five different sizes are available, ranging from x-small to x-large, at reasonable prices. I chose the large sticker.

Although the company is located in the UK, the shipping was fast and I received my order the following week. I didn’t receive directions in the tube with my sticker, but the site has very easy to follow directions on the site, including drawings, step by step instructions and a video. You can go here to see the helpful instructions.

Application to the wall was easy and I had it up in no time. I love how it turned out.


Now to fill the rest of these walls…


Designing Fabric on Spoonflower

May 18, 2013

I have been having a blast lately designing fabric. I still have lots to learn, but it’s a fun process. I entered a couple of contests on Spoonflower and even placed in the top 10 for my elephant design.

The best part is seeing my design on actual fabric.

Baby Elephants by mymagicmom

Baby Elephants by mymagicmom

Baby Elephants by mymagicmom

I plan to enter a few more. It’s a good way to challenge myself. Next up is Mod Wallpaper.


Hair Bow Holder 2.0

January 31, 2013

storage for hair accessories barrettes headbands rubberbands

Here is my new and improved hair accessory storage. When our girls were young, bows and barrettes were pretty much all they had in their hair. I used the tiny rubber bands too, but no big need to store them. Now that they are older, we had different storage needs since they started wearing bigger sized rubber bands and headbands. I still have the same amount of storage space and so I needed to make some adjustments.

I added a Velcro rubber band holder and a strip to slide in headbands.

Go here to for the basics on how to make the hair bow holder and then follow these instructions for the rubber band and headband storage parts.

Headband Storage

To make the headband section, you will need a strip of ribbon. Your measurement will vary depending on how tall your canvas is and how many loops you want to make. Have enough length to wrap around the back side of the canvas and add 4 inches for each loop you want to make. My canvas measures 16 inches and I made 5 loops, so I used 40 inches of ribbon. Seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter.

I just eyeballed where to make the loops because it didn’t matter to me that it was exact. If you like exact, you can measure and evenly space your loops.

Fold your ribbon several inches from the top (if you have a print on one side of the ribbon like I did, be sure to fold with the print side out) and stitch across.

rubbernband hair accessory holder storage

Move down the ribbon and make another loop and stitch again. Continue until you have all loops completed.

hair accessory holder diy headband

Lay the ribbon on the canvas and attach it to the backside of the canvas. You can use a staple gun or fabric glue to secure the ribbon on the back of the canvas. Both options work well.

headband holder


Rubber Band Storage

Take a piece of ribbon about 11 to 12 inches and small piece of Velcro to make the rubber band holder. Seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter so it won’t fray.

Measure approximately 2 inches from one end of the ribbon. This is where you will sew the scratchy piece of Velcro. I put the scratchy half here because the other end will the the piece that you slide the rubber bands over and the softer side won’t snag any accessories or poke any fingers.

velcro hair accessory holder

Stitch the softer side of Velcro close to the other end of the ribbon.

make hair bow holder rubberband


Attach the tail of the ribbon on the back side of the canvas so that the Velcro rests near the top edge.

how to store headbands

Slide the rubber bands on the ribbon and connect the pieces of Velcro.

hair accessories headband rubberband holder

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